Braised Chinese Spareribs

Cuisine : Classic Recipes | Skill Level : easy

Braised Chinese Spareribs is a classic Chinese home cooking dish that Chinese like to eat from to time. This Braised Chinese Spareribs is salty and fresh, the ribs are soft to chew with appetizing golden red color. Braised Chinese Spareribs is a must eat for Chinese holidaysor home getherings. It is favored by anyone, no matter the adult or the kids. Chinese-Homecooking provides you the most authentic recipe of Braised Chinese Spareribs, have a nice try!

Step by Step Insturction

Tips & variations
  • Use low heat to stir fry the crystal sugar, or it will burn.
  • When simmer the ribs, remember to add boiling water. During simmering, check the ribs from time to time to prevent the dryout of the soup.
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