Pork Dumplings

Cuisine : Holiday Recipes | Skill Level : easy

Pork Dumplings as known as Chinese jiaozi, is the most favorite stample in northern China. As a tradition, Chiense must make dumplings for many occasions, like Spring Festival, Winter solstice. This Pork Dumplings is the most classic dumplings that Chinese people make the most. And dumplings can have many variations with its filling, you can take any food material to wrap into the dumplings. There's an interesting old tradition in China's lunar new year. When making dumplings for the diner on the Spring Festival Eve, Chinese people will wrap a coin into one special dumpling. Anyone who happens to eat this dumpling, he will get all the lucky for the coming year. Chinese food. Chinese-Homecooking offers you the most authentic recipe of Pork Dumplings, have a nice try!

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Tips & variations
  • You can make fillings with any combinatoin of meat and vegeables you like.
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