Slow Cooker Braised Pork Recipe

Cuisine : Slow Cooker Recipes | Skill Level : easy

Braised Pork Belly with Brown Sauce is the most famous meat cuisine in China which is known as the most loved dish by Chairman Mao. Made of pork belly, Braised Pork Belly with Brown Sauce is stewed with the brown sauce and it tastes soft and juicy with a little bit of sweet. The amazing characteristic in this pork cuisine is that though Braised Pork Belly with Brown Sauce is cooked with pork belly with fat, it is not greasy at all. This slow cooker version of Braised Pork Belly with Brown Sauce is an upgraded recipe of Braised Pork Belly. Pork stewed in the slow cooker for 2 hours makes the meat more soft and tasty and even you can fell the meat is melting right away you put it into your mouth. Stop watering and check the this easiest Slow Cooker Braised Pork Belly reicpe and have a try today! Chinese-Homecooking offers you the most authentic recipe of Slow Cooker Braised Pork Belly, have a nice try!

Step by Step Insturction

Tips & variations
  • When melting the crystal sugar, make sure the temperature is low to prevent burning the meat.
  • The function of the crystal sugar is to color the meat. It can be replaced with white sugar.
  • If you don't like pork belly, check this Slow Cooker Pork Chop recipe to find more inspiration.
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