Wonton Soup

Cuisine : Chilli Recipe | Skill Level : easy

Wonton Soup is also called red oil wonton, it is wonton dressed with red oil sauce. Wonton Soup is another famous Sichuan style appetizer. The most enticing and delicious wontons hailed from the Sichuan province in China, where they are boiled, drained and then served in a spicy chilli oil and black vinegar sauce. These are Sze Chuan Red Oil Wontons, the KING of all wontons. Chinese-Homecooking provides you the most authentic recipe of Wonton Soup, have a nice try!

Step by Step Insturction

Tips & variations
  • Filter the water clean when dish out the wonton.
  • Reduce the amount of chilli oil if you can't bear too much spicy taste.
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