Xiao Long Bao

Cuisine : Appetizer Recipe | Skill Level : Easy

Xiao Long Bao is actually steamed meat bun in smaller size. The moust famous Xiao Long Bao in China is the Tianjin Goubuli stuffed bun. Xiao Long Bao has thin and elastic wrap and hot but extemly fresh fillings. Chinese people like to eat Xiao Long Bao as breakfast, go with the egg drop soup or tofu jelly and that would be the perfect and satisfying meal in the morning. Chinese-Homecooking offers you the most authentic recipe of Xiao Long Bao, have a nice try!

Step by Step Insturction

Tips & variations
  • To make the skin of the bun elastic, knead the flour long enough till the dough gets elastic.
  • Remember to knead the flour in warm water.
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