Yu Shiang Pork

Cuisine : Chilli Recipes | Skill Level : easy

Yu Shiang Pork is another representative Chilli Cuisine that every Sichuan family cooks with their very own taste.To some degree, Chinese cuisine is famous for Yu Shiang Pork among foreigners. Everyone loves Yu Shiang Pork for its fresh taste of shredded pork with babooshoots, wood ear, and carrot. Chinese-Homecooking provides you the most authentic recipe of Yu_Shiang_Pork.html, have a nice try!

Step by Step Insturction

Tips & variations
  • Add some oil when marinading the shredded pork to prevent it sticks on the wok in later stir fry.
  • Reduce the amount of bean paste if you can't bear too much spicy taste.
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